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Discover the Rewards of Learning the 'M' Technique®,
Relaxation Touch Therapy!
Anyone can learn The ‘M’ Technique®! It is suitable for caregivers, family members, volunteers, patient ambassadors, friends,
as well as nurses, massage therapists and other health professionals.

The ‘M’ Technique® is different from massage--it is more like a choreographed dance. This technique is a registered method of touch suitable when massage is inappropriate, such as for the frail, chronically ill, critically ill, or anyone that prefers to achieve a deep sense of relaxation through light touch. Each simple sequence is performed in a set sequence at a set pressure.
The 'M' Technique® is an evidence-based, peer-reviewed, clinical touch used by many healthcare organizations.
The Full Body ‘M’ Technique® (Practitioner Course) can be learned in 2 days. The ‘M’ Technique® Hand & Foot Course for Hospitals or other Healthcare Organizations/Facilities takes just 4 hours. Each course is taught by a Certified R.J. Buckle Instructor.

Due to the pandemic, R.J. Buckle Associates, LLC has made the decision to offer virtual instruction for the 'M' Technique® Classes. The goal of these changes is to minimize the need to gather in groups and spend prolonged time in close proximity as well as limit inter/intrastate traveling. It is our goal to resume in person classes when it is deemed safe for all involved. Thank you for your understanding and we are excited to have the opportunity to guide you on your 'M' Technique® journey.
Attend the Online Hand & Foot Course


The Hand & Foot ‘M’ Technique® Course allows the attendee to learn and perform the technique on the hands & feet for comfort and care, and to promote healing in any setting.

This technique is suitable for the frail and critically ill patient, as well as for healthy individuals of all ages.


This 4 hour course is suitable for Nurses, Health Professionals, and Volunteers, for their patients/clients. It is also suitable for relatives wanting to de-stress a loved one. 


Approved to award Continuing Professional Development Credits (click on link below for details) through AHNA and NCBTMB if course criteria is successfully achieved. A Certificate of Attendance is given to everyone attending the course.

Attend the Online Full Body Course  


The ‘M’ Technique® Practitioner Full Body Course allows the attendee to learn and perform the full body technique as they use touch for comfort and care and to promote healing in any setting. It is used with all types of health conditions for individuals of all ages. Attendees will be taught The ‘M’ Technique® for head/face, shoulders/neck, back, hands/arms, feet/legs, and abdomen.

This 2-day course is suitable for health professionals or a lay person caring for a loved one with a chronic illness. It is also open to non-health professionals, such as hospice volunteers, patient advocates or patient ambassadors and to relatives and friends of patients who may be critically ill or very fragile. 

Approved to award Continuing Professional Development Credits (click on link below for details) through AHNA and NCBTMB if course criteria is successfully achieved. Practitioner status is only available to licensed health professionals with a license to touch in their respective states (such as Nurses, Doctors, Massage Therapists), although everyone successfully completing the 2-day course will be given a certificate of attendance.


For about the last year, I have been receiving the 'M' Technique® from Therese regularly, about twice a month. The treatment is like a massage in some ways with a very gentle touch.  I look forward to my appointments and always leave feeling better than when I walked in — more relaxed, yet stronger.  I don’t know exactly how the 'M' Technique® works, just that it does!  It’s one of the things I do for me and my physical and emotional well-being.  I happily recommend Therese and her 'M' Technique® and trust her completely with my care.


Henderson, Nevada

I have had the 'M' Technique® twice now and I absolutely love it. It is calming and relaxing. I recommend it to anyone and everyone!


Las Vegas, Nevada

I had the 'M' Technique® done by Therese and it was unlike any experience I have had before. I have anxiety, and find myself having difficulty relaxing during massages or falling asleep at night. During the 'M' Technique®, her touch was so gentle and soothing to my body that I fell asleep and was able to relax the entire time. Before the session she walked me through the process of what the 'M' Technique® was, what she was going to do and how I should feel afterwards. Also, her room is very relaxing, clean and professional. I loved that she has Randy (a Certified Aromatherapist) on staff. After a brief conversation with Randy, I was able to customize the session with pure essential oils, based upon my anxiety, as well as my personal scent preferences. I would recommend her to anyone, and I only trust Therese with this procedure. I will never go anywhere else! Thank You!


Henderson, Nevada

I am used to massages, but the ‘M’ Technique® was completely different. I was very relaxed, fell asleep on the table, and by the end of the session my headache that I had all day was completely gone.


Las Vegas, Nevada

After suffering years from chronic anxiety, I was introduced to the 'M' Technique® by a friend. I was very skeptical about achieving any relief. After the first session, I was so amazed at how different I felt. I was more calm and relaxed than I had been in years. The gentleness of this technique was exactly what I needed! I look forward to each of my sessions, as I know I continue to get the benefits I greatly need.


Henderson, Nevada

What new knowledge and skills you will apply immediately?

  • The hand ‘M’ Technique

  • Touch using the ‘M’ Technique

  • The M technique on patients/family

  • The M Technique on the hand! Then, on the feet.

  • M Technique to patients

  • I’ve learned a new way to care for, comfort and interact with patients and loved ones.

  • I want to try it on my husband (practice), then dogs (practice), then patients

  • Sensing doing a “3” touch—very effective!

  • Hand technique

What will you do differently at work or with your patients/clients after taking this class? 

  • I will work on my co-workers to relieve pain and anxiety.

  • The ‘M’ Technique to help them in relaxation—teach if appropriate to help care for their loved one.

  • Be able to assist patients with increasing relaxation.

  • I am going to use this as part of our holistic program. It will be listed as a modality now used in our hospital setting!

  • Practice M Technique

  • I will practice on my co-workers and family

  • Start with hands

  • Focus on slow, sensitive touch

  • Practice on them

Additional Comments:

  • Thank you for teaching this new skill!

  • Thank you, Therese!!

  • Excellent class!

  • Therese was AWESOME!!! This was a GREAT class!!

  • Therese was wonderfully kind and professional.

  • Love this class! What a blessing to have this knowledge that I can now use for friends and family.

Hand & Foot Course Evaluation Comments

What new knowledge and skills you will apply immediately?

  • The full body ‘M’ Technique--the flow of movements in cycles of 3

  • The M technique on my husband and friends

  • I am excited to start practicing the whole body technique with family so I can become efficient to do with my residents

  • Abdominal technique with residents with chronic constipation

  • Practicing the full sequence of the 'M' Technique for anyone in need of relaxation

  • 'M' Technique on my mother

  • Use with patients suffering chronic pain

  • Relaxation exercises

  • Level of touch, techniques on various areas of body

  • I'll try to employ the technique asap with friends & family

  • The foot & hand technique mainly in the hospital setting. Full body outside of work

  • Full body touch/care technique for O/T feet/hands

  • Hand & Arm 'M' Technique

  • Hand and Legs

  • All of it, but especially hands and/or feet

What will you do differently at work or with your patients/clients after taking this class? 

  • Have more healing touch practices & tools to use on patients/clients

  • Lighter touch -- repetition

  • I might use hand technique to help them relax

  • More hand holding

  • Try and offer/apply more time for 'M' Touch

  • I will be able to offer more than the 'M' Technique for the feet and hands

  • I would like to incorporate the abdominal technique with residents with chronic constipation

  • Offer mindful touch if they are open to receiving it

  • Offer 'M' Technique

  • Be mindful of chronic pain in patients and use of 'M' Technique for relaxation

  • Touch more

  • Try to incorporate more 'M' Touch per shift

  • I'm retired but as a hospice volunteer I'll have more touch & care

  • Yes...A LOT

  • Give clients a more structured lotioning

  • Offer broader choices

  • Be more comfortable in asking family & getting permission to touch

Additional Comments:

  • Thank you Therese! This class was everything and more!

  • Such a delightful, interactive and engaging course!

  • Great class! 😊

  • Presenter was delightful, flexible and open.

  • Opens doors I had opened in my early 20's and am going full circle

  • Thank you for taking a chance & making the trip up for us...much appreciated.

  • Great job adjusting and adapting to a very large class

  • Exceptionally healthful, helpful training experience. Therese is super friendly, knowledgable, & willing to give us info that was required AND info we requested. AND offered to find answers & get back to us. 19 participants with one instructor sometimes felt distracting; maybe fewer participants or another instructor.

  • I absolutely LOVED this class. The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable, yet professional. Therese was friendly, helpful, and fun to learn from. Her love for the 'M' Technique is evident and contagious!

Practitioner (Full Body) Course Evaluation Comments

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Course Evaluation Comments
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