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About the 'M' Technique®


The 'M' Technique® was developed by Jane Buckle, Ph. D., M.A., R.N., Cert. Ed. as a means of holistic communication. She was a former ICU nurse in London and was looking for a way to help her critically ill patients feel the power of the human touch. She developed the 'M' Technique® to put the "care" back into healthcare.


The 'M' Technique® is a registered method of touch that is suitable when massage is inappropriate because the receiver is very fragile/critically ill, or when the giver is not trained in massage. The 'M' Technique® works on the skin receptor sites that send signals to the brain to RELAX. This technique is intended to enable the giver to quickly provide physical comfort and allows the receiver to relax almost immediately. 


Touch is a basic form of communication shown to improve a person's ability to relax, reduce anxiety and pain perception, as well as to promote comfort and healing of the body, mind, and spirit. With proper training, the 'M' Technique® can be implemented in as little as 5 minutes for a person's hands or 15 minutes for both feet or a Certified 'M' Technique® Practitioner can perform a full-body session in about an hour. 


Because the 'M' Technique® is easy to learn, easy to replicate, and appropriate for individuals of all ages with any health condition, it is readily accepted as a component of holistic therapy. Many hospitals, hospices, and healthcare organizations integrate the 'M' Technique® into a patient's plan of care.  Receiving the training on the 'M' Technique® from an R.J. Buckle Certified Instructor allows a person to use holistic touch on the hands & feet of a patient, client, friend, or family member for comfort and care and promotes healing in any setting. It is simple to learn and is appropriate for caregivers, family members, volunteers, patient advocates, and patient ambassadors, as well as nurses, massage therapists, and other health professionals.

The 'M' Technique® can be used with individuals who are critically ill, chronically ill, end-of-life, stressed, or depressed. Even healthy individuals of all ages can benefit from an 'M' Technique®. There are several published clinical trials, as well as over 300 individual case studies which support the 'M' Technique®:


  • reduced stress and anxiety

  • reduced the perception of chronic pain

  • reduced agitation

  • promoted relaxation


The main purpose of the 'M' Technique® is RELAXATION. The 'M' Technique® is not massage therapy! The 'M' Technique® is unique in these ways:


  • Pressure and Speed

  • Repetition of Strokes

  • Structure


Each simple sequence of the 'M' Technique® is done a set number of times, at a set pace, and a set pressure. Anyone wanting to touch someone holistically can learn The 'M' Technique® in a simple, 4-hour course.


For those with a "license to touch", such as nurses and massage therapists, who would like to learn the full-body method and become a Certified Practitioner, this can be learned in the 2-day, 16-hour course.

Nurses and Massage Therapists receive Continuing Professional Development Credits when taking an R.J. Buckle 'M' Technique® course. For continuing education information, visit







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