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'M' Technique® Practitioner (Full Body) In-Person Course

Interested in learning the Full Body 'M' Technique®? Want to become a Certified 'M' Technique® Practitioner? Attend this 2-Day Hands-On Certification Course and receive the training to use holistic touch for comfort and care to patients, clients, friends or family.

'M' Technique® Practitioner (Full Body) In-Person Course
'M' Technique® Practitioner (Full Body) In-Person Course

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the Event


This 2-day course covers the Full Body 'M' Technique®. The 'M' Technique® was developed by Jane Buckle, Ph. D., R.N., as a means of holistic communication. This structured system of touch is suitable when massage is inappropriate because the receiver is very fragile/critically ill, or when the giver is not trained in massage. The 'M' Technique® works on the skin receptor sites that send signals to the brain to RELAX. This technique is intended to enable the giver to quickly provide physical comfort and allows the receiver to relax almost immediately. The 'M' Technique® is designed to produce rapid relaxation response in the shortest period of time, in the simplest, least invasive method.

There are several published clinical trials, as well as over 300 individual case studies which support the 'M' Technique® has:

  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • reduced the perception of chronic pain
  • reduced agitation
  • promoted rest and relaxation

in critically ill, chronically ill, actively dying, and healthy individuals of all ages.


The learner outcome of the 'M' Technique® Practitioner Course is to enable nurses, massage therapists, and other health providers to use holistic touch for comfort and care, and to promote healing in any setting utilizing this structured touch technique on the head, face, hands, feet, legs, back of legs, arms, stomach, back, shoulders, and neck of a patient, client, friend, or family member. This touch is suitable for frail and critically ill patients as well as for healthy individuals of all ages. The 'M' Technique® is a clinical, peer reviewed, evidence based registered method of gentle, structured touch that is safe and appropriate for anyone of all ages and conditions, especially the fragile.


At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the difference between various touch modalities used in healthcare settings
  • Demonstrate 'M' Technique® on hand and foot
  • Demonstrate 'M' Technique® on face and head
  • Demonstrate 'M' Technique® on arm and leg
  • Demonstrate 'M' Technique® on back
  • Demonstrate 'M' Technique® on stomach
  • Demonstrate 'M' Technique® on back of legs
  • Demonstrate full body 'M' Technique® in proper sequence
  • Document the use of the 'M' Technique®


This course is open to nurses, massage therapists, other health providers, as well as non-health professionals such as hospice volunteers, patient advocates, patient ambassadors, and caregivers. It is also open to relatives and friends of individuals who may be critically ill, very fragile or anyone needing the comfort and healing of holistic touch.

TO EARN CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT (Nursing and Massage Therapy) students MUST:

  • Attend the entire course
  • Complete multiple-choice test with 70% or better
  • Complete a course evaluation

Nurses and Massage Therapists receive 14 Contact Hours. A Certificate of Attendance is given to all attendees. Click here to be directed to R.J. Buckle for continuing education details.

To earn 'M' Technique® Practitioner Certification:

Only health professionals such as nurse and doctors (or others that have a license to touch in their State/Country such as massage therapists) can become 'M' Technique® Practitioners.

To earn Certification, the attendee must:

  • Attend the entire course
  • Demonstrate 'M' Technique® practical
  • Complete multiple-choice test with 70% or better
  • Complete a course evaluation
  • Complete and submit 2 case-studies in a set format within 6 months to the instructor


In order to remain compliant with R.J. Buckle Associates, LLC policies, the following requirements must be met:

  • Cost of the course is $375 per student inclusive of certification (exam and case-studies), course notes and refreshments. Course fees do not include the cost of the optional DVD, which can be purchased at a discounted rate at class.
  • Attendees must register and pay by (date to be determined) to secure space. Class size is limited to 12 participants and registration fills up quickly.
  • Refund of tuition less $75.00 administrative fee if cancellation is received (date to be determined). No refunds after this date. If class is cancelled by R.J. Buckle Associates, LLC, full refunds will be given.

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